Office of Inspector General Reporting Form (English)

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The Office of Inspector General accepts complaints  of potential fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement as it relates to Palm Beach County/Palm  Beach County Municipalities,  Solid Waste  Authority,  and/or  Children  Services  Council.  Your information will be reviewed and assessed for potential violation(s) of governing laws, rules, policies, and procedures, in order to determine appropriate handling.  You will be notified upon the completion of this review process, unless your information has been submitted anonymously.
Please complete the provided form in its entirety. 
1. Do you wish to remain anonymous?
If you have checked the yes box please skip #6 of this form.  Select the print button and submit this form in a manner other  than by e-mail or fax, as these methods may require  you  to  provide  identifying   information  that  will   not  allow  you  to  remain anonymous. (If yes, do not identify yourself below)
2. Do you wish  to request whistle-blower status?
In order to be granted whistle-blower status your complaint(s) must rise to the level of "gross" mismanagement, malfeasance, malfeasance,  misfeasance,  waste of public funds, or neglect of duty committed by an employee  or agent of an agency  or independent contractor. You must provide your name in order to be considered for whistle-blower status. (This applies to employees, contractors, or vendors only.)
1. 3.  Are you willing to be interviewed?
4.  Have  you  previously or  do  you  intend to  contact the  County/Municipality or the Department directly responsible for this  issue?
3. 5.  Are you a current or former County, Municipal employee, SWA, or CSC?
6.  Your Name:
*If you have any additional supporting documentation, please email it separately to or mail it directly to P.O. Box 16568, West Palm Beach, FL 33416.

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