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Zoning Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) Feedback

Palm Beach County Zoning Division is conducting a Survey of our Users of the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC). Staff is seeking your input in order to continue to seek ways to improve substantive changes to the ULDC and improve the overall functionality of the Interactive Code. Your responses to the survey questions will assist us in reaching this goal. Staff will post the results of the Survey on our Web Page.

Thank you in advance for taking the survey.

Jon MacGillis,
Zoning Director

User Information
1. Select your organization type.
3. Select your role in that organization.
4. State how long you have made use of the Interactive Code.
5. Select the capacity in which you have used the Interactive Code.
6. Select the provisions of the code or features that you have used. (Select as many as applicable)
Adequacy of the Existing Code
7. The current Zoning Code is successful in implementing the vision of the County's Comprehensive Plan.
8. The current Zoning Code is adaptable to site-specific conditions and changing industry standards while upholding basic objectives.
9. The existing standards are clear enough to produce predictable results and reduce uncertainty for developers.
10. The existing code is easy to use and clearly understandable to those who use it most.
11. How often do conflicts or misunderstandings arise from your use of the current code.
14. The current codes reflect an appropriate level of regulation by the County.
15. The time frame for development process is appropriate.
The time frame for development process is appropriate.
16. Other comments regarding the current Zoning Code (e.g. strengths, weakness, areas in which you would like to see improvement.)Recommendations for modifications to the Code